What we do

Imagine yourself living in Sweden and looking for a traditional Friesian horse or a beautiful Dutch warmblood. The market in the Netherlands obviously is way bigger when it comes to finding those breeds than in Sweden, buy how do you know where and how to find a way to find such a horse? How do you arrange the right paperwork and how will you transport your horse?

Or perhaps you live in the Netherlands and you are looking for an Icelandic horse to ride recreative or competitive with. In Sweden the market for these horses is way bigger than in the Netherlands. But how do you arrange a purchase of a horse abroad?

Epona Horses and Transport makes the following things possible:

  • You let us know your wishes
  • We have contacts with a lot of reliable horsepeople
  • We make a selection of horses who meet your expectations
  • We visit those horses and send you pictures and videos
  • If you have made a decision, we will let a vet check the horse
  • All other arrangements (NVWA) which are needed for the transport will be taken care of by us

We personally drive your horse to your place with our modern horsetruck that has all necessities.

The EPONA truck